Advantages And Disadvantages Of E-Books

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Advantages and Disadvantages of E-books:
Like many other electronic technologies and electronic content based environment, e-books have their pros and cons. The section tries to investigate some of their benefits and shortcomings (Subba Rao, 2003).

The advantages of e-books:
Researchers have reported many pros of e-books which have come from the type of environment they are deployed through. These pros could be summarized in the following items (Subba Rao, 2003; Abdullah, & Gibb, 2009; Levine-Clark, 2007; Mulholland, 2012 .).:

1- Easy to Read
The e-books are always accessible through electronic machines such as e-book readers and computer which make their use and reuse is always easy in terms of reading activities including coping, sizing …show more content…

When a user buys one copy of an e-book, he can share it with many other users, which would decrease the revenue of the e-book companies. It also easy to copy parts from an e-book or chapter and uses them, which require more effective anti-pilgrims software to discover the cheating and similarities between student and researchers as well. By the way all electronic shifts have witnessed these problems such as software and music production companies in the early 80th (Wiersma, 2013).

2- The Nature of reading habits
One of the most challenges faces e-books reader till now that they cannot easy print the book and reuse it in a printed format, although some are available in PDF format but others sill in a non-printed format. So nonexistence of a physical copy create so sort of resistance from many users perspectives. Many researchers reported that the nature of reading habits of users which require a physical copy in their hand is the secret of reading happiness and the disappearing of this physical copy might influence on the nature of the reading

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