Advantages And Disadvantages Of English Teacher

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As the world today becomes more and more globalised, the knowledge of the English language also becomes more important to be able to communicate well. And upon having approximately 380 million native speakers of English and more than 700 non-native speakers of English all over the world, (English Language Guide, 2008) others, and I myself see that as an advantage and once thought that studying to be an English teacher in the future has a lot of opportunities and you can easily have a job no matter where you go especially demand for English teachers worldwide is skyrocketing. But after doing some research, I realized that there have been numerous debates and controversies about who are better teachers of the English language. There are also …show more content…

I would like to highlight three which are: (1) they lack communicative competence, (2) they do not the fluency, and (3) they cannot use the English language as creative as native speakers do. First and foremost, non-native speakers lack communicative competence as they often use English only in classroom contexts and with their fellow non-native colleagues and lack the contact to actual native English speakers (Braine, 1999). That might make their version of English outdated, incorrect or too formal (Medgyes, 1999). This might cause a certain insecurity in their use of the English language and a feeling to defend themselves as teachers. This insecurity may affect their teaching style, thus may also have a negative impact on the students learning process as those perceive the teacher’s uncertainty as a lack of knowledge and competence. Their teaching behavior might also decrease the students’ motivation as they perceive their teacher as unable and ignorant (Braine, 1999). Second is about non-native speakers do not have the fluency, general language proficiency and cultural knowledge as native speakers have, which means that they are not as secure and flexible in language use (Braine, 1999). Lastly, non-native teachers cannot use the English language as creatively as their native colleagues do. They have problems understanding jokes and analysing or interpreting texts, (Braine, 1999) which makes them somewhat less capable of teaching their students those aspects of the language which will be useful or even necessary in

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