Advantages And Disadvantages Of Factory Farming

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Drawbacks of Factory Farming
My dad is an accountant who recently turned into a farmer. He has been driving past farms for years, yet it never crossed his mind he would be the one driving the tractor and feeding the pigs. About a year ago, he took his love for nature to the next level and began helping a friend at his farm. Not only did my dad learn the intricacies of farming, but gained a deep understanding of the positive effects of free-range farming and negative impact of factory farming. He shared his new knowledge with our family and together we begin to build our own farm in order to produce products that were free from the harms of factory farming. Factory farming is the process used to obtain most of meat we eat. The details of where our meat comes from is usually overlooked, even by my dad. Unfortunately, factory farming damages the environment, along with the health of humans. Not only does it affect us, but it is not healthy for the animals being raised either. These disadvantages are why free-range farms are healthier for our society. What is it about factory farming that is more dangerous to the environment, people, and animals?(In example, but no flow) It is not only my dad who is experiencing this behavior of turning his organized, (words to describe businessman) into a urban, sustainable farm. “The Houston Lawyer", news article, tells a story about an older man, whose has a family, who works as a lawyer but recently became a part-time farmer in
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