Advantages And Disadvantages Of Social Media

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Bella Adams 8S
Computer essay- Social Media

Although using social networks can be fun, there are also downfalls to it. Lots of people misusemiss use the internet in a bad way and a good way. Through using social networks, cCommunication is very simple and fast. Now that the internet is so fast and easy, everyone relies on it. There can also be bad things that come out of using it like cyberbullying. and hate. People need to be more careful to think about what happened on the internet and how they respond to it.
What does social network mean to you? In the 21 century, social network is defined as “an online interest who use a website or other technology to communicate with each other and share information ( )”. Although social networks can be a great thing, they also have disadvantages. Some disadvantages are cyber bullying. If you were on instagram and saw someone that posted something that you do not enjoy like they do it is common for us to just comment on it without even thinking. The thing that you commented then leads other person to comment on it too, leaving a lot of hate on this person’s picture. At the same time it can be a great thing. It has been proven a few times that a high percent of the world had made some of their best friends through social media. As these people are called “Internet best friends” they can also be your closes. Although social network can get you distracted and lead you in the wrong

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