Advantages And Disadvantages Of Spectrum Sensing

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Abstract The constrained available spectrum and the incompetence in the spectrum utilization and administration require another correspondence innovation and communication technology.. Spectrum sensing is used to detect the (unlicensed) the unused (licensed) frequency bands. Spectrum sensing includes locating the usage of spectrum and their features across different dimensions such as code frequency ,time and space. The key features of CR system is that it senses the electromagnetic environment to use their operation and dynamically vary its radio operating parameters. With the likely transition of radio communications from static to dynamic spectrum access in the near future, spectrum sensing has become an interesting area of research. Even though many signal detection methods have a long history, economical implementations of consumer devices employing spectrum sensing are still missing. In this research an overview of current state-of-the-art spectrum sensing methods, limited to the binary decision of channel occupancy is presented. Existing methods are categorized into energy detector, cyclostationary and matched filter methods. A concise introduction and theoretical background of various spectrum sensing methods based on their operation, and drawbacks. KEYWORDS Spectrum sensing, cooperative spectrum sensing, MIMO, Cognitive radio Dynamic Spectrum Access (DSA), Primary User (PU), Secondary User (SU), Software Defined Radio (SDR) 1. INTRODUCTION In the context of wireless communications, spectrum sensing…show more content…
1 in the below diagram it shows the principle of spectrum sensing. the PU transmitter is sending data to the PU receiver in a licensed spectrum band while a pair of SUs intends to access the spectrum. To protect the PU transmission, the SU transmitter needs to perform spectrum sensing to detect whether there is a PU receiver in the coverage of the SU
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