Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Qualitative Research Approach For Your Business Plan

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1.1 Describe what may be the advantages and disadvantages of using qualitative research approach for your business plan.
Qualitative research approach is used in exploratory research designs. Conducting a primary research will require the researcher to gather background information, clarify research problems, and create hypotheses or establish research priorities. Collection of data in this kind of research is in the form of text, or images using open-ended questions, and observation.
The advantages of using a qualitative research approach in conducting a primary research is the data gathered will be rich. The amount of details needed for the research is contained in the information gathered – may it be from text,
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The advantage of using this kind of research approach is it allows the researcher to have broader study which implicates more subjects. Thus, it enhances the generalization of the results. In addition, the research can be duplicated or replicated. Similar data can be used to analyze and compare with the similar studies in the past. Personal bias can also be limited and avoided by researchers by means of employing subjects anonymous to them. The data collected for quantitative approach is precise enough to identify even small differences because it uses numerical data - it is quantifiable. It is also easier to administer and record answers to structured questions. The time consumed to gather information is lesser than compared to gathering information for qualitative research approach.
On the other hand, the downside of a quantitative research is that the results are limited because the responses provided are numerical descriptions and not detailed narrative so as a result, it provides less intricate interpretations of human perception. In-depth data will be difficult to
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