Advantages And Disadvantages Of Watch

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e are extremely attached to our laptops, iPads, mobile phones and........? Watches of-course! There's something charming about those gorgeous pieces. That's why you would replace any of the other gadgets, but won't change your high-quality watch so easily.

Designer watches have always been used as a status symbol and to flaunt one's taste in fashion. If you are ready to go for a party and don't have sufficient hand accessories to wear; simply carrying a gorgeous female watch can do the job. Passing time has made them a style statement nowadays and they are here for fashion more than function. For some people it's a daily on-the-go timepiece. For others it may be a memory of wedding present or special graduation.

Today markets are flooded with n-number of watches different both in style and design. Let's have a glance on a few of them:

Oversized Watches:
Someone has rightly said "Bigger is better" that's why most of the people have made oversized watches their style of choice. They are all the rage this summer season with a variety of bright colors and style. People love the look of this "man's watch" on women too. A watch can be oversized but it still can have a feminine touch …show more content…

With their ability to record time; they are perfect for athletes in case of any sports event. Another revolutionary feature of these watches is their ability to read elevation no matter where you are. This elevation feature is helpful for those who love adventurous stuff like mountain hiking etc. Another option worth considering is GPS sport watch that can help you get the most out of your fitness and training program or racing events. Due to their tracking ability, water-resistibility, durability and ease to access certain training websites; they are a must have if you wish to know your progress. To ensure yourself that you are hitting your targets; the best is to go for a GPS sports

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