Advantages And Disadvantages Of Working At Home

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Nowadays, a lot of housewife who do their work from home. The number of housewife who prefers to work from home is increasing. Either it is a part time job or a full time job. Maybe it is because of there are many chances in the market. They can also set up the environment same as office from home easily. In this essay, I will discuss about the advantage and disadvantage of working at home and propose my personal opinion. The advantage which I would like to share is the employee can learn more and become more independent. It is because if you don’t have colleagues, a leader or a tech team to teach you or help you, you’ll have to find out yourself the way to settle your problem. By looking for your own answers you will becoming more proactive to find what you need on your own. But, you still can ask questions and get help if you need to. Besides of that, you can do a Google search, …show more content…

If you work at office, you will feel tired when you reach home. Working at home you can have more times to play games with your children. Working at home means that housewife gets to plan how she can dedicate a portion of your quality time with her loved ones. She can also probably save on elder children’s care arrangements. For younger children it is probably impractical to forgo proper childcare arrangements and try to balance care and supervision with the demands of the job. This is the best time to do it. If housewife take care of her children while working, she will face plenty of distractions when she is working alone. The thing about working from home is that a lot will be placed in front of you because you are at home all the time. You might have to get off an important phone to call to attend your kids or do the laundry or something urgent that comes at home. Finishing all your chores is needed but you must remember to keep away from all kinds of distractions if you want to become the

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