Advantages Of Davao City

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According to the National Economic and Development Authority Region (NEDA) XI, Davao City, which has an area of approximately 244,000 hectares, is listed as `one of the largest cities in the world. Because of the city’s wide area, it requires various transportation modes for the people to avail in order to arrive at various places. Among its common public transport vehicles includes jeepneys, buses, tricycles, pedicabs and also those small ‘potpots’ or bicycle with sidecars, single motorcycles also known as “habal-habal”, as well as taxis and rental cars. Most of these public transport vehicles have a predefined route in which they should follow in every trip. For the buses, they can operate within and between provinces. On the other hand, taxis have no defined routes because they can transport passengers to any part of the city. As for the jeepneys, they operate within the city and their routes assigned by the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB). Because jeepneys are only allowed or …show more content…

Davao City is known for many tourists’ destinations, thus, lots of tourists visit the place. For some people that are not familiar with the public transit in Davao City, the possibility of inconvenience and difficulty in choosing a ride is likely to happen.
As what Borromeo (2016) stated, the traffic condition in Davao City can be considered as a crisis and is not far better than the traffic in Metro Manila. As a daily routine, most of the people are trying to find ways to arrive faster at their destination. When traffic is heavy, taking the shortest distance is still not a guarantee to have a faster way to arrive at the destination. There are optimal paths that are not necessarily based on distance. For the optimal route, the cost, distance, speed, and time are being

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