Advantages Of Enzymes

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Enzymes are biological catalysts. Catalysts are substances that increase the rate of chemical reactions in all living things without being used up. Enzymes are also proteins that can be folded into different shapes that let smaller molecules fit inside them (BBC news). Without enzymes, many reactions would not have occurred in our body, or would have occurred very slowly. Chemical reactions are reactions that occur in your body when two or more molecules meet and their molecules change. The bonds between atoms are broken in order to form new molecules (Chemical reactions). Activation energy is the amount of energy required to start a chemical reaction (SlidePlayer).

Immobilized enzymes:
An immobilized enzyme is an enzyme whose movement
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Advantages of using biodiesel:
1. Biodiesel produces fewer particles when burnt
2. Produced from renewable resources
3. More health benefits, as it causes less air pollution
4. Biodiesel cleans dirt that’s in the engine (What is biodiesel)
5. Biodiesel fuel is ready to use. That means that there are no engine modifications required to use biodiesel fuels.
6. Immobilized enzymes can be used repeatedly without getting used up, so that saves cost as enzymes are very expensive (Saritha Pujari)
7. It is environmentally friendly as it does not produce excessive waste material that can damage the environment
8. Since enzymes are not present in products, companies don’t need to purify it
9. Enzymes become more stable during immobilization, so it is easier for companies to work with it (Gary Kierans)
10. By immobilizing enzymes, people can have better control of the reaction
Disadvantages of using lipase enzymes in biodiesel:
1. Costlier than normal fuel
2. Food production is reduced economically
3. Barely available around the world (Maija Beguhl)
4. If the immobilized enzyme is not kept in a controlled temperature, which is 50 degrees, the enzymes will stop
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