Advantages Of Giving Phones For Children

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Advantages of Giving Phones to Children

In this essay, I would like to point out the benefits of letting a child have a cell phone when he/she is in elementary and in high school. Advantages to giving your child a phone would be for emergencies, parental contact, and academic help. There are also many disadvantages to letting kids have a cell phone and I would like to point out a few. They are a distraction in school, they can cheat in test and other assignments in school and they can use it in social media in an inappropriate behavior. It is very important to weigh both sides and consider if a phone is the best decision for the child. I think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages and kids should have a phone.
Allowing the child to have a cell phone is the best decision because, “cell phones are inevitable in today’s world”, according to the Putnam County High School Informational Article. When an emergency happens, the child will be able to let the parent know by calling them and telling them what happen. For small emergencies like missing the bus in the morning, the child can call their parents and let them know they missed the bus. Other more serious emergency, for example when they hurt themselves ridding their bikes, getting a flat tire, or their car breaking down, if they have their personal phones they can call a reliable source and get help from them. Many phones contain apps that can give the child a vast amount of very useful information.…
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