Advantages Of Group Counseling

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PRELIMINARY One type of service in guidance and counseling is counseling group. Group counseling services can be an alternative that can be implemented counselor to solve problems in a group setting counselee effectively and efficiently. McClure, 1990 (in Gladding, 1994: 1) states through group, individual will achieve its objectives and relate to others in ways that are innovative and productive. This service is a service that is dynamic because it uses group dynamics to help solve the problem of the counselee in group situations (Berg, Landreth & Fall: 17; Westergaard, 2009: 128). Some experts define the notion of group counseling. Gibson and Mitchell (2011: 51) states that the group counseling is the experiences and routine adjustments are provided within the scope of the group. Focus group counseling to help cope with adjustment counselee their everyday, and keeping development and personal growth remains in the right corridor and healthy. Dinkmeyer and Muro (1973: 1-2) defines the group counseling as an interpersonal process that is led by a trained professional counselors and are run by individuals who face developmental problems. group counseling focused on thoughts, feelings, attitudes, values, goals, attitudes, and goals of individuals and groups. Group counseling…show more content…
Gladding (1994: 18) states that the activities in a group setting (in this case the counseling group), individuals can be helped in dealing and interacting with other individuals in a productive way. Additionally, Falco (2011: 17) states that the intervention group counseling is a technique that is efficient, effective, and versatile that it can be carried out by the counselor. Jacobs et al. (2012: 19) explains that group counseling is better than individual counseling for adolescents often talk more easily with other adolescents compared with adults who act as

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