Advantages Of K-12 Curriculum

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K-12 curriculum was implemented to further develop the Philippine’s education system which provide students’ skills that they need in their life. This implementation has different advantages and disadvantages that caused a debate if it is certainly beneficial to students or not.
The text entitled One Step to Development revolves around the benefits and harms that K-12 curriculum brought to the Philippines. K-12 was said to be favorable in terms of three aspects namely: quality of education, job findings, and Philippine’s competency in education. As details arise, it was found out that there are more advantages in implementing the said curriculum than disadvantages and this implementation might indeed developed our country
The text was unified
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we need to adapt to their education system for us to be as skilled as they are.”
Paragraph 5: the concluding sentence stated that Senior High School does not only affect the students but also the parents who provide their child’s need for education.
Paragraph 6: “Senior High School Education may be the solution to be a totally developed country”

The text was written in an inductive form in a way ideas in the text manifest the interference of particular to general details. The text started with particular facts and supporting details about the different advantages of K-12 curriculum in our country and ended with a generalized conclusion. Seeing that the text does impart knowledge of a facts and circumstances, this is now acknowledged to inform something in reality. Considering that it has distinctions on many causes and effects on the events at the present time, the text is written to inform people about the benefits of the implementation of the said curriculum. The text is comparative in nature for the reason that it uses a lot of adjectives involving comparisons between two things about the topic. It also describes positive and negative effects of two things
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