Advantages Of Organic Apples

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Who doesn't know the "grocery shopping dilemma," where you're torn between organic and non-organic apples? On one hand, organic apples are healthier. On the other, they're excruciatingly expensive.

Many times, your final choice would fall on the conventionally grown (read: non-organic) apple. It's totally understandable since organic products are not cheap and may even double the price of conventional products.

Nevertheless, being a smart shopper makes it possible to reap the advantage of eating organic without going broke. So, here are our 3 tips to make your switch to organic food more affordable.

Reap the Advantage of Eating Organic (Without Going Broke)

1.Purchase Directly from Local Organic Growers

While supermarkets and organic stores are convenient and easily accessible, it’s worth your time and effort trying to locate local …show more content…

For example, a kilogram of pumpkin at a physical store costs RM30, and a store having discounts for their pumpkin is RM20. That's a RM10 difference just by choosing items that are under promotion. Besides saving on discounts, you can save even more through online coupons and free shipping that were mentioned above.

3.Prioritise Your Purchase Using "the Dirty Dozen" List

If it is too costly to switch your entire meal to an organic one, try prioritizing your shopping list based on the following list suggested by the Environmental Working Group (EWG). This list consists of “The Dirty Dozen” which outlines the 12 most contaminated products and “The Clean Fifteen” which refers to the 15 least contaminated fruits and

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