Advantages Of Waterfall Methodology

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Christine McKay
October 23, 2017
Week 5 - Final The waterfall methodology is one of the most prominently recognized and most utilized methods in project management. Whether you’re using the waterfall methodology to manage a project or in some other fashion, let’s say for example, in software development, it works the same in producing a product – in a sequential manner and design, and in a series of stages that follow each other one after another. This means, once a person completes one step they move onto the next step and not before. As this process is sequential, once a step has been completed, the person cannot go back to a previous step – not without scratching the whole project and starting from the beginning. There’s no room for change or error, so a project outcome and an extensive plan must be set in the beginning and then followed carefully. The Agile project management approach, also referenced by the Agile …show more content…

The disadvantages of the waterfall methodology we’re, in essence, “resolved” by implementing an incremental approach, with the introduction of the Agile methodology approach. The Agile approach introduced a much more simplistic design that included modules broken down into prioritized “sprints”. These sprints were recognized as a benefit to many project management teams as they allowed project managers the ability to perform enhanced evaluations on a much more frequent basis. This also provides increased opportunities for the discovery of bugs and customer feedback as completed phases are rolled out. One of the biggest disadvantages to the utilizing the Agile methodology is not having a clear and concise project deadline, the projects end result and budgetary confinements can vary greatly and the end result can be grossly different than what the original scoping plan had planned intended it to

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