Advertisements And Their Companies Have Caused Major Issues

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Ads and their companies have caused major issues. Parents believe that the ads that are shown are influencing their children. Especially as they go on the internet or watch TV. However, the advertising companies believe that they are not the only ones to blame for the issues that have arisen; they believe that the parents of the children are also to blame. In order to try and fix these issues, many companies began to make changes to their products. Parents continue to blame these fast food companies while the fast food companies do not believe they should be to blame. Fast food companies believe that parents are as much to blame as their companies are. Gary Becker points out, “If children nowadays are heavier because they are less …show more content…

Although many businesses believe that they do not target children, many of them do. Kids may be watching TV or on social media and they can become influenced by the ads or commercials. Everywhere you look you see advertisements and even though you may not notice it, but it still influences your brain. “One study has shown that children find it harder to recognize advertisements on websites than they do on television; 6 year olds only recognized a quarter of the ads, 8 year olds recognize half of the ads, and 10and 12 year olds recognize three quarters of the ads” (The American Psychological Association). Many advertising companies believe that they shouldn’t be blamed for any influence on children. They argue that for the past fifty years they continue to advertise the same way and it is changing how people view the advertisements. Junk foods advertisement has a major impact on how the kids chose the kinds of food they want to eat. Marion Nestle explained, “The reasons are easy to understand: children control increasing amounts of money, and society has granted them increasing responsibility for purchasing decisions.” As kid get older they tend to make more decisions on what they eat. Most of the time parents allow kid help grocery shop of dinners and they influence parents to buy food that they tend to see advertised.
Companies like General Mills, McDonald’s, and Kraft are

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