Advertising And Their Influence On Children

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Ethics in advertising and their influence on children:

Advertising has grown massively due to the expansion of technology and this has transformed the advertising industry. Organisations are spending heavily in advertising to differentiate their brands and cut throat competition among advertising companies is a priority. However, in this race for standing out, advertisers and marketers might overlook the ethical policies.
Ethics in advertising has become critical in today’s scandal ridden ere and it affects the practices of human’s lives. Hence ethics is considered most important feature of advertising. Ethical advertising is constantly beneath the scrutiny of the public and shelled with criticism and has been through many moral ethical issues involved in “fair” advertising. Also, unethical practices may endure to raise question from an ethical standpoint. Advertising can bring either positive results or breed negative influence to its consumers; therefore, it is a vital responsibility of professionals to follow high ethical standards in this industry. There is much of critical concentration on advertising towards children in terms of ethics, whereas it effects to young audience can lead towards certain consumers behaviour, which may result into harmful impact on child’s physical and mental health, one such undesirable consequences of child targeted marketing is obesity - so this subject has become important aspect to choose to get more insights on ethical

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