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Humans have evolved since the time they populated the Earth. Over time, the countless ideas, inventions, and many theories have improved our extended lives, but what about the Earth? As time has gone on, humans have continued to diminish the fragile state of the Earth. The advertisement clearly depicts a once plentiful Earth now slowly being depleted of its most important resource- trees, in attempt to influence the audience into feeling a sort of affection toward their environment.
The advertisement which in located in such a public area, it has no specific target audience, hence being in a bathroom. Because it is in this location, the audience can range anywhere from young to old. The advertisement is so simple it can be interpreted by children, teenagers, and adults in a similar way, while still being effective. However, the question that arises is “Why is this being advertised in a bathroom? This is primarily because restrooms provide an area of little to no media distractions which is why promotional advertising is especially mainstream in restrooms.
The color of the paper also correlates to the environmental aspect of the advertisement as a whole. The selection of this paper was a canny decision because green is often closely correlated with the idea of “going-green,” recycling, or preserving nature. Despite that, green is also a color that represents money and/or greed. The ad depicts over a period of three images a person repeatedly taking the

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