Advertising Is Not Ethical?

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Throughout the course of life from the start of the medieval times the use of advertising has been in use whether it was capturing a thief or raising taxes. From industrialization and promoting new cars through advertisement, it has changed the way the whole world operates with the introduction of new and improved items. Today advertising has become a 150 billion dollar industry (ConsumerNation). Advertising is a part of everyday life because it helps companies promote new products, but is is advertising ethical? Advertising is not ethical because it persuades people into buying products they don’t need, unrealistic body images, and informing the consumer about new technology that is not needed. During childhood, children are programmed to want everything that is being watched on television or a movie. In that instant it has become an advertisement for major companies who own the rights to these programs or movies. This is when persuasion begins. The child is then in a mode of wanting everything that has to do with this particular character in a movie. To have the toy. This is also the case with Frozen; when a child becomes familiar with the character. The products that are being distributed to the public makes them want to buy it. The child begins to fantasize about this toy, when a child begins to beg to have the toy to satisfy the fantasy of this toy. No matter where someone is the chance of running into an advertisement happens every day or multiple times a day. These
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