Advertising : Society's Downfall To Corruptive Media Advertising

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Society’s Downfall to corruptive media advertising Social media being the greatest interaction in today’s society has produced many tangible flaws by allowing communities to produce, share, and exchange ideas over the internet. Social networking has impacted the world’s lifestyles and is implanting significant influence on the technological generations. People’s lives are surrounded by corruptive media, internet scandals, overbearing advertisements and interactive social sites; which have all become a vital aspect of the type of life communities live. Advertisements consume the majority of all media, even if it may seem indirect companies are always promoting some type of information, product or idea. The public falls victim to social advertising because media broadcasts, news articles, television shows and even commercials all use ads to utilize the weakness of human desire or con society with the determination to sale their purpose. Individuals in today’s society are completely immersed in persuasive propaganda and they follow these advertisements blindly, losing consciousness of real life. Surrounding us in everything we do advertisements have an influence, when it comes to the music we listen to, the food we eat, the church we attend, or maybe even the things we buy. Our society listens and interprets advertisements as a guide to the things we think we want or need. In her article “Jesus is a Brand of Jeans,” Jean Kilbourne focuses her argument that advertising

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