Affordable Care Act by President Obama: Falls Short for Many People

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The new and improved health care system in America seems to fall short for many people. The Affordable Care Act made history after President Obama signed it into law on March 23, 2010. This bill is going to create a change in how the current system operates which has kept approximately 46.3 million people uninsured. Those numbers are very disturbing by themselves but if we include all of those who are also underinsured then we add on another 25 million. The ACA is has promised to reduce those numbers dramatically. Even though the plan is to reduce these numbers there will still be people without health care coverage. Some will fall in between somewhere which makes them not eligible for Medicaid but also not able to pay the premiums…show more content…
This alone gave certain people the power to express what they wanted and have it changed or eliminated from the bill itself. The public option was what would have greatly reduced administrative cost and increase the competition in the private market (Conners: 2522). The public option should have never been eliminated when that would have been a good way to transition people over to having more government control of the health care system so that cost could be highly regulated which would help sustain health care for all. I have trouble understanding why Americans feel that less government is a good thing. This way of thinking has not gotten us very far and we can see that when it comes to health care we are far from number one. There should be much more government control and intervention when it comes the health of this nations people. If the government ran the hospitals and controlled the pharmaceutical companies then cost would not be an issue. Individualistic ideas and the mighty dollar control how much the government can and cannot do for the people who pay taxes in America. I know I would get many people telling my I’m a communist for proposing that government take charge and own all hospitals as well as the drug companies. This would keep all the ineffective or duplicate drugs off the market. The government could then create a formulary that would be all the drugs
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