African American Stereotype

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The stereotype that African Americans are all mostly all bad people is a stereotype that is widely thought of and because of our society it has in our minds, become true. Now many people may think that this is not a true stereotype but this is because we don’t really pay attention towards this problem. There are many factors that go into this stereotype, social media, society and even action that happened in the past. Now this is not to say that all people believe that this is true, there are plenty of people that don’t think anything of African Americans and just know that they are regular people attempting to live their lives just like the rest of us.
Social media is one of the largest contributors towards this stereotype, for the fact that it is a huge platform to get words and news around the world. Every single race has people that are not great, but the race that stands out more than all the others is the African American race. The way that social media does a good job of portraying this stereotype is by showing all of the people that make the mistakes and then get a bad reputation for the rest of their people. Most of social media usually doesn’t show the great actions so this is a huge contributor to this dilemma. Social media needs to make a large change and begin to start to show the great things that are happening throughout our world and not only the terrible or saddening ones.
Society is a huge contributor to this largely known stereotype, it is saddening to see

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