After Taking The Values In Action (Via) Inventory Of Strengths,

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After taking the Values in Action (VIA) Inventory of Strengths, I realized that some of what I thought were my character strengths actually proved otherwise based on the survey taken. Although I am not surprised that my top character strength is honesty, it was interesting to learn my other top strengths. Taking the Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Leadership Self-Assessment introduced me to my social and self-intelligence. Using the KAB model, I was able to identify knowledge, attitude and behavior strengths for both self and social intelligence. The Values in Action Inventory of Strengths was designed to classify one’s character strengths and assess the strengths identified utilizing a self-reporting survey, Peterson and Seligman …show more content…

2000). After taking the EQ self-assessment, I was able to identify what my character strengths while also noticing areas that I can improve on to become a more effective teammate and/or leader. The assessment focused on the areas of self-awareness, empathy, self-confidence, motivation, self-control and social competency. Being aware of this is important for self-improvement. A leader should always look for ways to enhance their productivity and relationship with his or her employees and peers alike. The EQ assessment allows for this. The results of my strengths were not surprising. The assessment gave me the understanding that I am very self-aware, empathetic and motivated. It also determined that I could improve on my self-control and social competency. It is necessary for me to focus on this shortfall as it can cause conflict in a team environment. Being that an employer should lead by example, bettering this will become a priority. Working on self-improvement is a strength and is appreciated in any team. It shows knowledge of self and that you hold yourself accountable achieve the team’s goal. Leadership is a process which a person influences and inspires the thoughts, attitudes and behaviors of others by providing purpose, direction and motivation. Now that I have identified areas of

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