Against All Shareholders

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Government Greed Oil, stockholders, drama, racism, government and death are all words that come to mind when the Case Study of Caltrex are exposed. This controversy that occurred was one of the most horrific yet historic events in our pastime. This showed many examples of how management of companies has the responsibilities beyond normal duties to ensure a high return for stockholders. Investments should always carry high criteria before making the investment because people’s livelihood depends on it. In this case, stockholders Texaco and SoCal invested in an oil company named Caltrex to give them a high return of its investment although the trust was severed by racism and government greed lend to an end result of sense of unjust ethics…show more content…
This is racism in its finest and management should not be held responsible for the practices of the corporate people involved. This was a completely different situation then we have in most businesses today. They were angered because the black workers had special responsibilities and due to the white-nation laws that were in effect they did not like it. Management has a job to do regardless if others disagree and even though the people that invested their money in this company were outraged it was not managements fault. The ethics practiced in this case are an ethic of care and ethic of virtue but in all reality this is completely based on race which is why we have laws against that today. In theory the stockholders believed that management was to blame but in reality they were simply doing their job to provide for their own families. At my job today there are many controversial issues that arise however I have no opinion to act on them. There are laws and regulations that are set in place that I am expected to follow and if I do not then I could lose my job. The moral reasoning behind it may not be positive but it is what it is and management has specific goals and money involved that are outside the moral actions of a person. Caltex’s multinational workforce faced a major challenge in providing the oil and
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