Air Pollution Essay

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Imagine living in a world where smog is everywhere and wearing a mask is the only way to step outside. Since the smog is betting so bad, it is impossible to see outside a window. Now, imagine a world where people have learned to use alternative energy. Gas powered cars are rarely ever used and power companies only produce alternative energy sources. No one has to worry about carbon emissions causing global warming ever again. Living in this type of world is almost impossible due to the fact that too many factories are releasing carbon emissions into the air. Factories that are essential in producing electricity and cars are burning fuel and release carbon emissions into the air.
Burning of Fossil Fuels
People all around the world need to reduce the amount of carbon emissions that they release into the air. Plenty of the emissions are created by fossil fuels. According to Glenn Anderson, a member of the National Conference of State Legislatures, “Most C[O.sub.2] emissions come from the combustion of fossil fuel--for heating, electricity generation and transportation" (Anderson 20). The CO2 emissions not only come from cars, they also come from generators to produce electricity. Heating is also a big factor in the emissions. There are so many factories, such as NIPSCO, that will burn fuel in order to produce electricity for a city. While this company uses energy saving bulbs and equipment, they still burn fuels to create and produce the electricity. Scientists are continuing

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