Aitp Code Of Ethics Case Study

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As a Health information management student, The Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP) Code of Ethics, give a tangible information about the code of ethics when it comes to working with patient’s information.
AITP covered the standards conduct that govern the followings that includes
In recognition of my obligation to management I shall:
The three items I find interesting or that are important to will be:
• Protect the privacy and confidentiality of all information entrusted to me.
• Be honest in all my professional relationships
• Accept full responsibility for work that I perform
The field of Health Information Management most important first code of conduct as relates to HIPPA, is …show more content…

Identify alternatives: look at the positive outcomes the transistors had contribute the medical community. Come up with new solutions, as to how the pacemaker can improve in ways that will avoid legal outcomes.
Evaluate and choose alternatives - using four approaches to making ethical decisions:
Virtue ethics approach: If the transistor had caused more than the purpose of it used, it obliterated.
Utilitarian approach: The pacemaker company must have the transistors retested and fine the cause of problem before marketing to organizations
Fairness approach: look into the cause of death, recalls transistors, and have an alternative that will not cost revenue lost for the companies that using those transistors.
Common good approach
Implement decision: The Company must have a recall to figure out the cause of death. If the company will continue selling this product it must be 98 percent chances of saving or improving lives.
Evaluate results: Based on implement decision to recalls, the company must work on the safety of all transistor before distribution.

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