Albert Bandura Created The Social Cognitive Theory, Which

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Albert Bandura created the Social Cognitive Theory, which is actions shown or displayed in front of a child is how he/she will act. Bandura has spent most of his life studied the behavioral traits in young children, mostly aggression in younger children. With Bandura’s theory we will learn about why it is so important to demonstrate it in the classroom, the key points of this theory and learn more about Albert Bandura and how he came up with the theory.

Biographical Background of Albert Bandura

Albert Bandura was in Canada and grew up with five other siblings. Bandura’s dad worked for the railroad laying down tracks and his mother worked at a grocery store until they became farmers when they bought land. Bandura’s parents were focused
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In this experiment it was trial and error since it was influence by consequences that punished or correct bad behavior (2016). The main concept that we see how children are learning is through watching adults and peers around them. Observational also has some subcomponents that are listed in Educational Learning Theories ( pg 22 ) as attention, retention, production, and motivation. Attention is where the child is actually watching the “model” and retention is how the child is choosing to remember what happened with the model, if it was a good or bad interaction and how they will use it later in life. Production is where children are pulling retention back from their memory and learning how to use that interaction in real life. An example would be when a child watches an adult sneeze and then another adult says bless you and then the person who sneezed says thank you, if the child hears a peer sneeze they will say bless you since they have seen this interaction before and now know how to interact in this situation. And then motivation is where the child puts into action what they have learned which would be when they hear a peer sneeze and they say bless you. How the child chooses to use these key concepts is all-dependent on their own personal developmental process.

Impact of Social Cognitive Theory on the Classroom

With Bandura’s outlines of his social cognitive theory there are multiple ways to use
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