Albert Bandura 's Social Learning Theory

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Albert Bandura’s Social Learning Theory has aided in the understanding of human development. Humans are a unique set of individuals who continue to evolve in nature. They are social beings and interactions make up a significant part of their daily lives and general nature. My interest in this theory comes from my tendency to observe others. It’s fascinating to see how people are going to react to situations that come their way and how they develop from it. People tend to learn from others as well as the environment they are in. They gauge their reactions on how others around them act. This paper will give background on the theorist and the theory itself. It will also recognize other components that are important and some uses in counseling. History of the Theorist Early Life Albert Bandura was born the youngest of six children in December 1925. He was raised in Mundare, Alberta, Canada with supportive and encouraging parents. His family had its share of struggles and a humble beginning. His parents were emigrants and worked hard to build themselves a home and life in Canada. Although they had their share of struggles and loss his parents promoted a happy environment. They had family time and lived life to the fullest. Even though his parents had no formal education they still placed a high value on it. (Pajares, 2004) Academic History Bandura’s early education experience was limited. The school he attended had limited resources and teachers. However, this did not stop him
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