Alcohol Is Good For Our Health

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Nowadays,alcohols become very popular among our life.We are interested to have a research about it.But when we have our research,we have a strange finding .Although alcohol is popular among us,people still have many different opinions about it.Some people think alcohol is good to our health .But other people do not think so,they think alcohol is bad to our health and we should not use it.When our team found this strange phenomenon,we are very surprised.So we decide to found the result of the relationship between alcohol and health After research,we have a conclusion:as a whole,drinking too much is indeed bad for our health,but if we drink appropriate amount of it,it is also indeed good for our health.

Key words:alcohol ,health,benefits,harms


People attach many importance on alcohol in our society nowadays.It is even used as medicines,for example,anaesthetic.But it is also disgusted by many people.Because it also has caused many tragedies .For example,due to the exceeding drinking ,many people lost their valuable lives and their happy families.Because of the contradictory respects and different attitudes towards the alcohol we have a research.Our research is to figure out the relationship between alcohol and health.Our methods are to ask other people’s opinions and find some relevant information about it.Because we think we can find our result form it very easily after all nothing can compare with human’s brain .What is more,the book is the most knowledgeable

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