Alethia Alternate Ending

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“Alethia, why do you live so far away from the city?” Alethia continued rocking in her chair, then said, “It is much quieter. Once you reach my age, silence is bliss.” Katherine stood and paced on the wooden porch. She hated being idle. Her mind wandered, and her legs did, too. She looked to her right where Alethia sat. She could not remember the last time they had seen each other. It must have been years. “So,” Katherine began. “How old are you?” She watched Alethia’s face, searching for any distaste of the question. She saw none. Then again, Alethia was good at hiding what she felt. “Two thousand years, I believe,” she answered. “Maybe more.” She took another sip of the tea she had made, and gazed at the vast forest that continued for …show more content…

“That is how long we are supposed to live. The curse of immortality can be broken, and it usually takes a thousand years to figure out how to end the cycle. My dear friend, Anaya, broke the curse. But she did not tell me how to do it.” Alethia bit back tears. Memories of the first years had come flooding back; memories that she thought she had buried. “You look so much like her.” Katherine had no experience with consoling people, so she continued to ask questions. “Why would you want to break the cycle? Immortality allows so many opportunities to arise! You can travel the world and meet so many people.” Alethia stood, causing Katherine to stop pacing. They faced each other. Alethia challenged, “Death follows us everywhere we go. Every person you meet will face their end and you will not have aged a day. No matter where you travel, you see death. No party or drunken confession can mask the fact that others will waste away long before we part.” Alethia’s sudden outburst had taken Katherine aback. They both saw the world so differently. For Katherine, every place she traveled to was full of life! The people were passionate and loving. When they parted ways, sadness never caused them to forget their happy memories. “Maybe it’s

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