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Alexander the Great Tanja Sotto Did you know any of Greece’s famous figures in history? Alexander III of Macedon, best known as Alexander the Great, was one of those commonly known historical figures that you will most likely find in your textbook. There is a lot behind his history, and he was considered a brilliant military leader and quite a powerful ruler. Things such as his early life, the actions he did that made him so well-known, what he became, and many more aspects made him the Alexander we all know from our textbooks. Alexander the Great was born on July 356 B.C. in Pella, Greece, and his parents were Philip II and Queen Olympias. Being raised in the royal court of Pella, Alexander and his sister never saw their father, as he was working for the military and engaged in affairs with other people. Alexander grew bitter of his father’s actions and absence. Olympias became an important role model to Alexander and wanted him to believe that he was a scion or descendant of heroes and gods. Once he was finished with his educational duties, he became a soldier. He was in …show more content…

He was a Cavalry commander when he was eighteen, king when he was twenty, conqueror of the Persian Empire at age twenty-six, and an explorer of the Indian frontier when he was thirty. After the assassination of Philip II transpired, Alexander the Great obtained the support of the Macedonian Army. The man eradicated his enemies to become royalty and the leader of the Corinthian League. Alexander went on to conquer India and Persia. He successfully defeated the Persian Empire, which removed the bloc or coalition that thwarted Greek settlements from spreading. He was a genius when it came to military, and he had also improved his army which made him and his army almost indomitable. He reigned a kingdom that stretched from the Mediterranean to the border of India, so it isn’t wrong that he was

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