Alexander The Great : The Contributions Of Alexander The Great

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Alexander the Great was the king of Macedonia and conquered the Persian Empire. Later conquerors like Hannibal, Carthaginian, Caesar, and Napoleon were inspired by him. He was tutored by the Greek philosopher, Aristotle (Alexander the Great). Alexander took charge of the Companion Cavalry when he was only 18, and helped his father defeat the Athenian and Theban armies. He then became king and leader of the Corinthian league after his father died, and he eliminated his armies. When Alexander conquered Persia and Egypt, his kingdom expanded from the Mediterranean to the border of India. He was only 32 when he died of Malaria and is considered as one of the greatest military geniuses of all time ( Alexander the Great was born in Pella, to King Philip II and Queen Olympia. His father spent most of his time engaged in military campaigns, which means he rarely ever got to see him. King Philip hired a relative, named Leonidas, to educate the young Alexander. He was one of his earliest educators, and taught him math, horsemanship, and archery. Alexander’s next tutor was lysimachus. To capture his attention, Lysimachus would use role-playing because how restless he was. Philip II then hired the philosopher Aristotle, in 343 BC, to tutor Alexander at the temple of the Nymphs. Over three years, Aristotle taught philosophy, poetry, drama, science, and politics to him and some of his friends. Alexander was very inspired by Homer’s Iliad, so Aristotle created a
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