Algonquian Culture Analysis

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When I was a little girl, my grandmother told me an Algonquian story of a man and his family who got lost during the harsh winter so they hid in a den near a valley. Soon, whatever food they had was all gone and the family started to starve with nothing to eat. The man soon grew so hungry he ate his eldest son, thinking that he had plenty other sons until more and more of his children fell victim to his gluttony. As his wife, the woman could do nothing but grieve the loss of her children up until the husband turned into such a horrible abomination that he did not care about his wife’s safety and ate her as well. Grandmother explained to me that those stories were warnings to our people and the results of what can happen if we commit the sin of eating man flesh. The man is now recognized in the Algonquian culture as the first Wendigo. It was my fault that we got lost because I didn’t consider how far we were from our tribe, and the severe threat of the white men that we heard stories of. Achak said that the white men were inhibited with the evil spirits that steal souls which is why they have such pale skin. …show more content…

I almost hesitated until I remembered Achak’s weeping face, and how these men laughed at him and I wasn’t scared anymore. One bite turned into two that turned into three… The taste was hard to ignore, but I wasn’t hungry anymore so I kept eating. Flesh is so good, the first couple bites were difficult, but now the taste is insatiable. I kept eating and eating, but no matter what I ate, I felt hungrier than ever. As time passed, I found out that I could reach the opening for some reason, even though it was almost twice my height. My skin began to look more strange, and my hands were mutilated, but for some reason it didn’t even bother me like it would’ve before. Food food food foodfoodfoo- was the only thing in my mind right now and It was time to

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