All Immigrants Should Become A United States Citizen

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Kaedin Richardson
Mrs. Varnado
English IV
7 October 2015
All Immigrants Should Become a United States Citizen The United States is built off of immigration with the influxes of immigrants from all around the world. Immigrants come all the way from germany to across the pacific ocean. Immigrants have also came here for the reason that they heard there is better jobs and a more luxurious lifestyle. Most of the immigrants came with special requirements that only certain jobs will accept. These immigrants are know as economy boosters. All immigrants and aliens with a legal status should have a more accessible and easier way to gain citizenship because they already have a temporary allegiance to the United States, they are working law abiding citizens, and they will boost the economy with the jobs they can get from becoming a citizen. Next there are many type of forms that are needed to stay in the US. Of these types of forms are asylum forms, visitors forms, employment forms, freedom of information forms, fiancee forms, students forms, business forms, immigration and naturalization forms (All USCIS Application and petition Form Types Par. 3). The Asylum form gives citizenship to people that have come from another country because of persecution of race, religion, nationality, or political group (Asylum Par. 2-6). The Visitor visa allows non citizens that want to come to the United States for reasons other than business or pleasure to stay in the United States for a filled

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