All The President 's Men

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All the President 's Men can be seen as an historical document describing journalism during the 70’s. Along with this, we learn how paranoia affects individuals and the publishing process. The film also gives us some insight on how American institutions such as newspapers and the government are viewed. Some opinions vary, due to paranoia or belief in a conspiracy. The film covers the major political scandal known as Watergate, and the subsequent investigation and reporting through Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein.
The Watergate break-in happened on June 17, 1972. The purpose of the break in was to the bug the Democratic National Committee (DNC) chairmans office. Five people were involved in the break-in following orders from employees of
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This raises the question of what causes this fear or paranoia in the employees.
The CREEP employees stay quiet out of fear from their superiors. If someone speaks out, the higher ups have the power to ruin someone 's career and make their life difficult. This is seen in the case of Hugh Sloan. He was the treasurer for CREEP and quits his job for not wanting to be a part of the scandal. The higher ups turn him in the fallout guy and his reputation is ruined. Hugh claimed that it is difficult to find another job because he is in the press too much. This can happen to other employees and is one of the reasons they stay quiet. The employees may also fear for their life.
Deep Throat is an extremely paranoid character, who acts as an anonymous informant. At first he refuses to meet with Bob unless he meets his terms. If Bob wants to meet, he must put a red flag in a pot on his balcony. If Deep Throat wants to talk, he would leave a note on page twenty of Bob’s newspaper. Deep Throat won’t give information, but guide the journalists on the right path. Near the end of the film Deep Throat warns Bob and Carl that their lives are at risk. He shares all his knowledge about the cases and reveals that people are under surveillance. With everything that Deep Throat knows, it makes sense why he is so paranoid. Proof of surveillance if given at the start of the film. The whole plan of the Watergate break-in was to bug the office. While Deep Throat did mention their lives
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