Alternative Dispute Resolutions ( Journal Assignment )

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ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE RESOLUTIONS (JOURNAL ASSIGNMENT) INTRODUCTION: As I have done a degree in commerce and now pursuing Post graduate diploma in Human Resources. In my previous studies I have studied subjects related to business and what type of problems occur in the business. As when there was the first class I was thinking it would be boring like other subjects classes because of theory but it happened opposite. By attending this subjects first class I felt awesome and got positive feelings and attitude. As my all problems which I have studied in past will get a solution. In actual also this subject is the path of solutions. In this class I enjoyed a lot because there were many different activities by which we understand…show more content…
I also made some friends of different places like Ann from Kerala. In this activity I have learned how to work and manage all the stuff of understanding in the group which is good to learn as in future when I will do a job it will help me to make coordination and manage in the work.
In second class I was too much excited as I was impressed form first class. In that whole class was divided into two groups. One group was of listeners and other was of speakers. I was in group of listeners and was said to be a quiet and act as if I was not interested in the listening in that I noticed that speaker was in the worst situation because in that I was just looking here and there, not interested in listening at all. The face expressions of speaker was like after few seconds her anger will bust upon me and she will beat me but god saved me as activity as of one minute only. After that I was supposed to act as good listener. In that I acted so good as I gave expressions and was behaving like I was getting all the things in the perfect manner and she was also felling comfortable with me and me too enjoyed a lot. From this I came to know about the importance of listener. As if the listener is not good then speaker will be unable to convey the message whether the person is experienced. As the speaker who was with me was having the experience of five years in a call center and then also was facing difficulty to convey the message. Whereas in other case the other speakers confidence was
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