Alternative Energy : Empowering Change Essay

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Alternative Energy: Empowering Change The use of fossil fuels is the most critical concern facing the world today. These sources of energy are not only highly controversial but also, the idea of the destruction and immense change that these natural resources can inflict on our sensitive climate leaves a distinct trepidation in the hearts of many. As the population of Earth continues to grow day after day, so does the demand for energy. Nearly three decades ago, it was hard to imagine what sources of energy could replace fossil fuels, however; innovations in research and technology have given us new options to fight the energy and environmental crisis we are facing today. There are many factors that contribute to the issue of global climate change, such as; the legitimacy of global warming, political corruption, reliance on fossil fuels, allocation of finances, and most importantly international commitment. However, if we are to prevent environmental deterioration, a substantial change is required right now. One that will lead to a new united consciousness and a new evolution of the human race and one that will lead us to independence from fossil fuels. This search for independence from fossil fuels must be inspired by a sense of urgency from all humans of this earth if we are to give future generations a chance to thrive in our energy-hungry society. The issue of global climate change has been debated for nearly sixty years. Skeptics of this urgent issue of global warming
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