Aluminum Trade Depends On International Official Prices

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Aluminum is abundant metal in the Earth and has many features such as, corrosion resistant, lightweight, excellent electrical conductors, and easily tailored. Aluminum trade depends on international official prices in the global metal exchange. Realizing the golden features in the aluminum industry, AlEsra was founded in 1990 in AlMadinah, Saudi Arabia as a private limited company (Ltd). AlEsra is an aluminum manufacturing and casting company; was established with a 500 square meter factory, with 22 working staff, led by its founder, Mr. Ayman Samaren. In 2007 AEF launched a new line of hydraulic press sheet door systems. It provides the availability of variety in designs and colors. In 2010 AEF received a certification from The…show more content…
AEF has been a pioneer in making Aluminum Mashrabiyas. AEF has executed more than three hundred and fifty great projects in the AlMadinah area and in Saudi Arabia. The main client was identified to be Mr. Samaren, the owner and the general manger of AEF. Since the communication during the OD process will be web-based and not a face-to-face process, the direct clients were kept limited. During the initial interview, via Skype, with the owner, he exposed that AEF has been working on a strategic plan with Dr. Ali, a professional consultant and the director of M&DC. Although the outcome of this project may impact the whole organization if decisions were made accordingly, the relevant clients were identified as the three members who are the key holders of knowledge about the new strategic plan: the owner, Dr. Ali, and the deputy general manager, Mr. Akber Ahmad. Hence, a project work plan was emailed to the clients to keep them on track with the OD process as well as set clear expectations about the study. (Exhibit 1). Later on, a form of initial diagnosis questions has been sent to Dr. Ali to identify the main organizational issues (Exhibit 2). Dr. Ali explained that AEF needs planning and a coordination system between all subsystems because the factory involves two different kinds of tasks: manufacturing and contracting. Additionally, AEF expands and
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