Product Analysis Of AFS Fuels

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The company I’ve selected for this article is AFS Fuels from Britain. My original thought was Raytheon Industries however after further research I found it more difficult to find a specific product and enough information to utilize it for the purposes of this paper. In addition, I found this company far more interesting as they are attempting to create a product that I believe in and feel may help to solve a world crisis that I find very real and urgent. AFS differs extremely from every other firm in the industry. This is not to say they do not have highly competitive competition. This topic will be discussed later in the article. The sole and primary product that they are bringing to market is the creation of fuel from air and water to …show more content…

The carbon dioxide in the air reacts with some of the sodium hydroxide to form sodium carbonate. This sodium carbonate is then electrolysed to release the carbon dioxide, which is collected and stored. A dehumidifier condenses water out of the same air passed into the tower, with this condensed water then passed into an electrolyser where it is split into hydrogen and oxygen. The carbon dioxide and hydrogren are reacted together to make a hydrocarbon mixture, with reaction conditions varied depending on the kind of fuel required. The product can then be mixed with the same additives used in current fuels to ease starting, burn cleanly and avoid corrosion problems. Otherwise it can be blended directly with gasoline, diesel and aviation fuel.” (Gayle, 2012). A small facility for testing needs to be established in place currently is ideal for the R & D portion followed by a larger manufacturing plant that can distribute to regional facilities that can deliver to consumers for product launch. The delivery can either be handed by external stakeholders or the company directly. The suggested method would be external rather than internal due in part to adding a client base from the partner for deliveries. After such time, the firm can begin to outsource to other fuel manufacturers after a foothold on the market has been gained. This can be done by way of patents and offering similar plans to the market with

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