Amazing World Of Fun : Case Study

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Amazing World of Fun: Case Study
Having issues within an establishment is a very common occurrence and Amazing World of Fun is no different from any other company. They have been facing problems due to the big changes in the business, moving from an ordinary amusement park to a theme park with 5 different themed sections. With this expansion came a lot of changes in how the business operated, and how the staff operated in the business. Having such a big change in how the park operates and what the park wants to deliver to their customers, it got harder for the management to keep up and hence a lot of problems occurred, especially with the management and how the company is, this has led to staff being demotivated.
Lack of motivation can often make it so the workers in the company don’t do well in their job role, especially when felt threatened to be fired or have a significantly lower salary than a new worker. This can be seen from the case study where Dr Clark Hopper is demotivated as the new worker hired, Krista Katz, although being a fresh recruit is potentially earning twice as much as Dr Clark. This can be highly demotivating as having been the senior scientist of reptiles in the Wetland zone. Dr Clark is going to be taking orders from Krista who has little to no experience with animals, this is demotivating as it shows that the he is being undermined by Eric Pinter, the joint owner of the theme park. This is demotivating as recognition is a big motivator in Herzberg’s

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