Amazon : A Successful Company 's Culture Be Replicated Elsewhere?

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Can a successful company’s culture be replicated elsewhere? Zappos an internet shoe company is always ranked top five places to work. Zappos has a corporate culture that is envied by workers across the globe. Zappos’ CEO wants to create happiness in the workplace. Other companies have tried to replicate the happy employee strategy because Zappos is successful. What about a company that has essentially the complete opposite workplace culture. Amazon has a culture that is less collective and more individual. Amazon’s workplace culture is so ruthless that it cannot be replicated anywhere else.
The problem is the sadomasochistic work environment of Amazon. This environment is unique only to Amazon, because Jeff Bezos created this style. …show more content…

Anderson’s husband was at the beck and call of his manager. If he did not answer his beeper fast enough there would be consequences. After complaints made by Beth her husband was eventually let go for under performing. The company bottom line is healthy but what about the employees.
Stress takes a toll on the human body. According to the American Psychiatric Association stress can affect every aspect of a person’s body. From chronic pain conditions, high blood pressure even the development of type two diabetes. Stress can be the ultimate killer for people, but at least drones are delivering my toilet paper now.
In an interview of “Geek Wired” Jeff Bezos stated that was not the Amazon that he knows and loves. In fact Bezos want the Amazon way to be the gold standard of corporate culture. According to the culture as written in the New York Times “They are told to forget the “poor habits” they learned at previous jobs, one employee recalled. When they “hit the wall” from the unrelenting pace, there is only one solution: “Climb the wall,”.
Now let’s take this into where the real problem is found. As stated earlier Amazon has such a unique corporate culture it cannot be repeated anywhere else. Assuming the reports about the secret workings of Amazon are true then another company might see this method as the method of the future.
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