Amazon And Starbucks Management Systems

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Conviction of Amazon and Starbucks Fortune 500 companies are considered to be the prevalent and best run businesses across the nation. The status symbol given to Fortune 500 companies proves that the business is successful and the level of success for these industries is very few. This paper will address comparing and contrasting Amazon and Starbucks management systems and how they support innovation. In addition, pros and cons of their management system will be addressed to determine their leadership and cultural differences.
Overarching Leadership Common leadership traits of both Amazon and Starbucks successful and admired fortune 500 companies are their ability to adapt creatively and effectively to challenges and change. Strong and active coping skills is how they recover from setbacks, are open to opinions of other people around them and are ultimately aware of their strengths and shortcomings (cite).
Innovation at Amazon Incorporated in 1994 (cite), the admiration that comes from Amazon’s relentless focus on good execution and leadership principles is what makes Amazon such a successful business. The premise that everyone at Amazon is a “leader” is the foundation of the leadership approach used in this company. They start with the customer comes first and then work backwards. Their vigorous strategy is to earn and keep the trust of their customers. Although attention is high in the area of competition, they fixate over their customers.
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