Amazon Case Analysis Essay

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focus is not to use analytics to compete, but rather to carry out the fundamentals of the company. Consequently, this has led Amazon to be superior to their competitors within the Internet and Retail Industry. As mentioned before, one of Amazon’s core principle is customer service. I know all too well from first-hand experience through working at Amazon, that customer service is their distinctive capability. The company’s most important core value is being customer obsessed, which basically means that every decision that the company makes and everything that is done, is formulated around benefitting the customer. Unlike most companies, Amazon works backward. In order words, they start from listening to what the customer needs and wants, …show more content…

Unfortunately, the only way to notice this flaw is if you are working on the floor. Some of those decisions make things go from bad to chaotic in a matter of seconds. Those decisions sometimes affect the effectiveness of the employees’ production who is working the floor. In addition to the decrease in the employees’ effectiveness, the level of efficiency in their performance drops as well. What should take place instead is that the BICC should share with the Operations Managers what results they hope to achieve or need. Base on that decision, the Area Manager and the Process Manager should consult with one another. They should determine what steps should be taken to meet the aspired results based on the floor’s current productivity and man power in a matter of two minutes or less. At this point, it is obvious that a business of this magnitude founded on analytics, senior management have a passion for analytics. Competing on Analytics states, “Bezos attended Princeton where he was an A+ engineering and computer science major; thus, implying that this is where he found his passion for analytics” (31). As any smart business-person would do, I am sure that when selecting a senior manager to work for the company, they must also share that passion for analytics. The company revolves around analytics and having a senior manager who does not

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