American History X Is An American Crime Movie Directed By Tony Kaye And Produced By John Morrissey

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American History X is an American crime movie directed by Tony Kaye and produced by John Morrissey in October 1998. It tells the astonishing tale of two Venice, Los Angeles brothers who become skinheads through the neo-Nazi movement and strived to make the white American culture more efficient. It stars Edward Norton as Derek Vineyard, Edward Furlong as Danny Vineyard, Stacy Each as Cameron Alexander, and Avery Brooks as Dr. Bob Sweeney. This essay will focus on the deviant behavior committed by some of the people in this movie. Further, it will discuss different theories as to why they committed the crimes. The three aspects that will be discussed are Differential Association Theory, Reaction Formation Theory, and which one serves as a better explanation. The main plot of the movie is focused on Derek Vineyard and his younger brother Danny Vineyard, both white Americans. After their father had died by black men, Derek got reeled into the neo-Nazi movement, by Cameron Alexander, who is considered “the biggest distributor of white power literature.” Derek had thought the murder was typical because this country is “becoming a haven for criminals decent. Hard working people like my dad are getting robbed out by social parasites like blacks and browns” (Kaye, Morrissey, 1998). He believed everything was race related and minorities have only come here to exploit America. However, he refused to admit that he was part of a “bunch of rednecks like the KKK” (Kaye, Morrissey,
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