American History: a Brief Summary

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American life in the twentieth century has been characterized more by continuity than by change. Since the beginning of the republic Americans have defined progress by continuity. Settlers from all over the world came to America looking for the same thing—a new world. Although these newcomers had different ideas and their share of disagreement, for the most part, everyone wanted the same thing. Americans agreed that it was time for a government and it was time to stop immigration and develop a country.[1] This development depended upon the support and hard work of many people with a common goal. Wars were fought with one thought in mind—the preservation of America. A huge Navy was established and became victors of the sea. On…show more content…
However, many events have also been simply sound and fury.[6] Both types of events have definitely been beneficial. It would be hard to say that a single event is just sound and fury because no one knows would have happened otherwise. A perfect example of that would be the Cold War. The Cold War lasted for more than five years. Following World War II and the USSR’s entrance to the Japanese war, the Soviet’s ego became outraged. The USSR only had one enemy following the defeat of the Germans and Japanese. With the fall of the French and British Empires, the Americans were the only ones who stood in the way of world power for the USSR. As the Soviets took control over much of Eastern Europe the view to the west became inevitable. The United States stated that an attack on that part of Europe would be the equivalent of an attack on the US itself.[7] This is what made the Cold War so significant. This could have well been the third World War. However, it never happened. Not one shot was ever fired. Does this signify anything? Who knows? Had NSC68 not been put into play there is not telling what could have happened. However, it was, and a war was possibly prevented. Another event that is most definitely not sound and fury and very significant was Applied Christianity. Liberal Christians definitely wanted everyone to know about the gospel of Christ. Missions were set up all around the world to help save
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