American Power Viewpoints

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Based on the powerpoints from this week, white Europeans seem to accept widely racial hierarchy and physically distinct groups. Because of this, people that were not the same, they were treated differently. These groups believed they are far superior to others, and they feel it’s their right and other members of society justify it. Financial and political oppression brought about being lowest in the white order at the top. Per our powerpoints, it is clear to me that the key to the tirelessness of racial pecking orders is the improvement of a far-reaching racial edge basically by the dominant group. The key to this frame is an arrangement of thoughts and understands that whites and others have used to justify and rationalize racial mistreatment, which is negative. Early on, the white colonists created white racial framing that helped solidify the reality of white-on-black and white-on-Indian mistreatment as well. …show more content…

On the other hand, sociologists claim that it is a stereotyping and prejudice which centers or emphasizes the group’s pressures on individuals for similarity or legitimization.

Based off of slides 47 and 48 from this week’s powerpoint, small-group discrimination is defined as a harmful action made deliberately by a small number of dominant-group people/individuals acting together against other people/individuals of a lesser or subordinate racial and ethnic groups, without the immediate backing of the norms and of most other dominant individuals in the immediate social or community context. Direct Institutionalized Discrimination is organizationally endorsed, or community recommended activity that aims to have a differential and negative impact on people/individuals from subordinate racial and ethnic

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