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What is the Amish you may ask? The Amish are a group of people who follow the teaching of Jacob Ammann. Now you ask, where do they come from. Well, The Amish originally is from Europe from Switzerland. A small group of people thought that baptism was for adults and they wanted the church and the state to be separate. The group of people was now known as the Mennonites. In the 17^th century, the Mennonites felt that the church didn’t talk the discipline too seriously. The church allowed way too many modern things. The Mennonites had a leader. He wanted the church to be strict. He was the one who named The Amish. The leader made many rules and one of them was that The Amish people weren't allowed to communicate with people who were expelled from…show more content…
Therefore, they were kicked out of Switzerland. Then the Amish traveled to Germany. But They heard that in the US they have religious tolerance and rich farmland. The Amish was invited to settle in Lancaster County by William Penn. Amish people speak two or three languages. Their main language is Pennsylvania Dutch. It’s kind of a mix between English and German. Some of the elder Amish speaks High German. The Amish is growing. It’s because of two things. 1 The Amish have a big family and 2. It’s because people from the outside world want to join the Amish. In 1999 the Amish were about 75.000 people and the Amish population doubles every 20 years. In the whole world, there are half a million Amish. When the Amish kids turn 16 their life changes. They are now allowed to do everything that they normally aren’t allowed to. That’s called ‘Rumspringa’. They can wear ‘English’ clothes, get drunk, basically everything a normal teenager does. Rumspringa normally last until you’re 21. Then you decide if you still want to join the Amish or not. The purpose with Rumspringa is that The Amish teenagers see how the real world is and how dangerous is really is. The Amish just have 8 years of education. They only learn the basic things such as reading,
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