Why Did The Amish Dress The Way They Do

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Why do the Amish dress the way they do?
I am very curious about the Amish because of their lifestyle. I like the way that they are strong in their beliefs. I really do not know much about them because I never saw any of them in my home country, Dominican Republic. I learned about them when I came to America. I know that they are a very conservative community, they are Christian, and are strong in their beliefs. They do not use modern technology. I would like to learn why they dress and live the way they do, a way that is very different from most other Americans.
Amish clothing is plain, no florals, plaid or stripes, the colors they use for they clothes are purple, blue, brown, white and black. May vary depending on the culture of each Amish community. Their clothes are handmade by themselves. The dress code for some groups includes the prohibition of using buttons, they believe that buttons are too gaudy. Only allowing the use of hooks and eyes to keep clothing closed. However in some Amish communities buttons are acceptable. Some of the Amish group do not use electricity, do not drive cars, and have limited use of modern appliance. But why they are too conservative? …show more content…

They do not use buckles on their clothing. In some Amish community a men who are married is not allowed to shave the beard because the bible say so in Psalm 133:1-2, “which states that a man, after marrying, allows the beard to grow”. Amish women and girls wear long dress. Their hair must always be covered in public. They never cut their hair and must cover themselves completely. They believe that God wants them away from the vanities of the world and the way that they live and dress is necessary to keep their heart pure. They do not mark their body with tattoos this is not allowed for the Amish societies. They do not use cosmetic, neither jewelry. In some case they are allowed to wear ring as a rheumatism

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