Amyntas The Better Discourse

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I believe Amyntas is the better teammate because he is a caring, determined, fair guy. Even though I am a girl and I am not aloud to visit or partake in these events, however if I was a male and I needed a teammate, I would pick Amyntas over Leon. This is because Amyntas was very caring and selfless I can prove this because in the story, it said “Then he tore a strip from his skirt of his tunic” (p. 716 column 2). This is selfless because if this was someone else’s foot that he got cut and then instead of using Leon’s tunic because it was his hurt foot, however he used his own and that proves that he is selfless. I also think that Amyntas is cautious because when Leon just said it was just a cut Amyntas said this “I could. And that bit of iron

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