An Abusive Relationship With Substance Abuse

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Over the past couple of weeks, I have been sitting in on the individual sessions a teenage female client. She has struggled with anything from the use of substance abuse, divorced parents to now finding out she is in an abusive relationship. The most difficult thing that I was exposed to was listening to her talk about toxic relationship. I can relate to this client because I was a part of an abusive relationship for over four years. It was difficult for me to be attuned to this client. I noticed my mind to start to wander away from what the client was saying, my heart was racing and body becoming tense. I was experiencing subjective countertransference. Subjective countertransference takes place when unresolved issues of the …show more content…

The four resources are located in Comprehensive Resource Model (CRM): Body Resourcing, Sensory Sacred Place Attunement, Internal Attunement and Nurturing, and Magical Question (Schwarz & Schwenker, 2014). The first stage in CRM is body resourcing. This is where I am supposed to notice where in my body I feel grounded, centered, and/or calm. I need to bring my attention to this area of my body. Next, move my eyes to the left side of the room and notice how strong the body resource feels. Then move my eyes to the right side and notice where the body resource feels the strongest. I think this may be helpful the next time I am faced with subjective countertransference. However, I think I would need to practice this outside of being in session because it may make it even more difficult for me to focus on a place in my body where I feel calm when I am supposed to be focusing on the client and their own feelings. By focusing on myself, I am afraid I will trigger an issue to the client relating to some type of attachment disruption (Schuengel, Oosterman, & Sterkenburg, 2009). The second part of CRM is sensory scared place attunement. With this part, I am supposed to imagine that I am in nature where I feel really good, a place that I love to be at (Schwarz & Schwenker, 2014). While imagining this place, I am

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